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©2018 by Benito Longoria

A constant question for me is, “How would shoes of another person feel to be in; in a completely different reality?” With my work in painting and film; I do not look for the answer, but to examine the boundaries of the different realities we experience. In the act of trying to make a definition in what separates realities; from memory to present, from dreams to waking life, from person to person, there becomes a shortage of words available to define our worlds. The work I am creating is exploring the unexplored; the gaps in between the ‘understood’ portions of our day-to-day lives.

     From a young age, I’ve lived a life of constantly feeling ‘in between’; whether it's cultures, groups, feelings, or simply positions in different situations throughout my life. In many of my pieces; I use a traditional (realistic) representation in combination with subconscious-guided elements of color to create a world in between what is considered to be ‘real’ and what is ‘not’. I am creating a universe in an in between place of unknown, and it becomes more real with every creation.

      As a part of understanding the world and myself, I create with representation of characters which reflect just those things; with a new world and a new story behind the character of every piece. In the many situations of life exist billions of unexplained moments, and my work exists to represent some of them in ways which language cannot.

“Mr. Happy”, a painting piece of my new collection, is a commentary on madness and duality of emotions. I placed the main character into this world in between true realities; as distinct color, garments, nature, and figures are used to define a world detached from direct indications from society, but still remaining familiar.

      In my 2018 experimental short film, “Hector”, I portray a the normal events of a day in a non-linear format. The main character, although silent, is verbally telling a story that you must interpret on your own. The concept of reality is subject to your own perception, still using the same ideas from my paintings and other visual work.

I create my work with the intention to bring new perspectives to life; perspectives unheard of and overshadowed by the rush of the everyday world. As my collection of work grows, I intend to continue expanding upon the various life perspectives I have observed, as well as finding more for years to come.